11 Tips on Living in Smaller Spaces

Living in smaller spaces can have surprising benefits financially, spiritually and emotionally. Whether one must downsize by necessity or by choice, here are some advantages of living more modestly:

  • Saving Money The biggest benefit to living in a smaller space is its affordability. This is often a main draw for the economical person.
  • Easy Access Studios are great for having everything within easy reach. This means no more walking from one side of the house to the other to retrieve a drink left on the kitchen counter. Studios are also ideal for people who may have trouble with mobility as it takes far less energy to move around.
  • Peace of Mind Transitioning to living in a smaller space involves reevaluating the need for material possessions since downsizing means letting go of some belongings. This may seem unappealing, but decluttering actually frees people from the burden of physical attachments. It can also remove a lot of stress. The downsizing process can make people more appreciative of very special items or for things outside of material possessions, such as friends, family or hobbies.
  • Easy Cleaning Cleaning a larger space can be daunting. In a studio apartment, everything from washing the dishes to vacuuming or even laundry can be made easier as fewer objects will need to be maintained.
  • Easier Multitasking With everything close by, multitasking is easier than ever. One can watch the morning news while making breakfast without having to go into a different room.
  • Saving Even More Money Downsizing requires people to be more selective in what they purchase and collect, which allows them to save even more money.

Embracing smaller living spaces can be a big adjustment for some; the trick is to increase living efficiency through the room’s layout and design, which can vary greatly. Whether it’s classic, rustic or modern interior design, there are ways to get the most out of every inch of space while still living in style. Here are some general design tips to make studio living more enjoyable:

  • Be Creative with Storage Using multipurpose furniture can go a long way in making the most out of the space. Ottoman style furniture, such as seats or desks, can double as storage containers and can drastically increase your living space.
  • Keep it Light Keeping the room well lit is a must and will make the space feel more open. Using light colored furniture and wall paint is also recommended and can help some darker pieces of furniture stand out as accents.
  • Less is More Making efficient use of space may mean getting rid of large furniture pieces that serve little purpose or see little to no use. Parting with old furniture can be difficult, so it’s recommended to keep a few favorite antique pieces that will see use as these are good accents to the space.
  • Use Vertical Space It’s easy to forget that wall space can be used just as well as floor space. Use vertical storage, such as shelving, and pick tall furniture instead of wide. This can drastically increase the floor space in a smaller apartment.
  • Keep the Center Clear In studio living, it’s more important than ever to ensure the floor space is easy to traverse. Hug the walls with furniture and storage to keep everything away from the center of the room. This will make the room feel much more spacious.

Downsizing can improve quality of life by giving focus to what’s important to keep and what’s important to let go of, making life simpler.


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