11 DIY Holiday Gifts

Try some of these inexpensive do-it-yourself holiday gifts and decorations.

Creating a unique gift from scratch is a great way to show someone you care. DIY projects can be very fulfilling exercises in creativity. Though it may seem daunting at first, it really doesn’t take much to make something special. Most of these projects can be completed by repurposing what you may already have lying around. Take a look at some of these outstanding creations people have shared online.


Gift Box from Recycled Materials

These are simple, inexpensive containers you can use for small gifts that will surely bring a smile to someone’s face.



Mistletoes Christmas Plate

Here’s a fun one to do with the family that can make a lasting memory.



Decorative Sweater Trees

These charming little sweater trees can be a great project to pass the time this holiday season.



DIY Chinoiserie Ornaments

Create some beautiful chinoiserie-style ornaments with this perfect project for painters.



Birch Branch Tree Decoration

If you enjoy working with natural wood, this project can make a really great addition to your holiday decor, not to mention a lovely handmade gift.



Festive Holiday Cards

Here are several great concepts for holiday cards with full instructions.



Stitched Holiday Cards

Even really simple designs can make for some fantastic holiday cards, especially when they’re uniquely hand stitched.



Peanut Christmas Garland

There aren’t any instructions for this one, but it’s a great concept!



Mason Jar Snowglobes

This is a fun and easy project with beautiful results! Try this one with the family.



Fern Printed Tea Towels

While the example uses ferns, the project allows for experimentation using other more festive plants like poinsettias or holly leaves.



Vintage Cork Coasters

The example uses prints of movie posters and comic book covers as their designs but you can easily use old Christmas cards, wrapping paper or anything printed from your computer.



Still feeling inspired? There are plenty of other DIY ideas out there, find more on Wesley Homes Pinterest